AGD genome database
ArachnoServer toxin database
ArrayExpress repository for microarray data
BioCyc Collection of Pathway/Genome Databases
BioGRID interaction repository with data compiled through comprehensive curation efforts
CGD Genome Database
COG classification of proteins encoded in complete genomes
COXPRESdb gene relationships to estimate gene functions
CYGD Yeast Genome Database
CleanEx database of gene expression profiles
ConoServer snail toxin database
DIP of interacting proteins
DOI interoperable identifiers for use on digital networks
DisProt of protein disorder
DrugBank and drug target database
EC_number Commission numbers
EMBL nucleotide sequence database
ENZYME nomenclature database
EchoBASE - an integrated post-genomic database for E. coli
EcoGene coli strain K12 genome database
Ensembl eukaryotic genome annotation project
Ensembl_PRO eukaryotic genome annotation project
Ensembl_TRS eukaryotic genome annotation project
EnsemblBacteria Ensembl across the bacteria genomes
EnsemblGenome Ensembl across the taxonomic space
EnsemblGenome_PRO Ensembl across the taxonomic space
EnsemblGenome_TRS Ensembl across the taxonomic space
EuPathDB Pathogen Database Resources
FlyBase genome database
G-Links rapid data "broker" service that collects and adds related information to a given gene (or gene set)
GI GI number
GO_component controlled vocabulary of terms for describing gene product characteristics (Celluar component)
GO_function controlled vocabulary of terms for describing gene product characteristics (Molecular function)
GO_process controlled vocabulary of terms for describing gene product characteristics (Biological process)
GOslim_component version of the gene ontologies (Celluar component)
GOslim_function version of the gene ontologies (Molecular function)
GOslim_process version of the gene ontologies (Biological process)
Gene3D Structural and Functional Annotation of Protein Families
GeneCards human genes, protein and diseases
GeneFarm and functional annotation of Arabidopsis thaliana gene and protein families
GeneID of genes from NCBI RefSeq genomes
GenoList Integrated Environment for the Analysis of Microbial Genomes
GenomeReviews Reviews; an annotated view of completely sequenced genomes
GermOnline - a gateway for gametogenesis
H-InvDB Database, human transcriptome db
HAMAP database of protein families
HGNC Gene Nomenclature Database
HOGENOM HOGENOM Database of Homologous Genes from Fully Sequenced Organisms
HOVERGEN HOVERGEN Database of Homologous Vertebrate Genes
HPA Protein Atlas
HSSP secondary structure of proteins database
IPI Protein Index
InParanoid Eukaryotic Ortholog Groups
IntAct interaction database and analysis system
IntEnz relational Enzyme database
InterPro resource of protein families, domains and functional sites
Jabion biotechnology portal site
KEGG_Brite hierarchies and binary relationships of biological entities
KEGG_Disease viewed as perturbed states of the molecular system
KEGG_Gene building blocks of life in the genomic space
KEGG_Orthology genomes to pathways by ortholog annotation
KEGG_Pathway diagrams of molecular interactions, reactions, and relations
KEGG_Reaction base for predicting biodegradation and biosynthesis
LegioList pneumophila genome database
Leproma leprae genome database
MGI genome database (MGD) from Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI)
MIM Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)
MINT INTeraction database
MaizeGDB Genetics and Genomics Database
NextBio gene-centric data for human, mouse, rat, fly, worm and yeast
OMAhttp://www.omabrowser.orgIdentification of Orthologs from Complete Genome Data
Orphanet; a database dedicated to information on rare diseases and orphan drugs
OrthoDB of Orthologous Groups
PANTHER PANTHER Classification System
PDB Data Bank Europe
PDBsum; at-a-glance overview of macromolecular structures
PID Interaction Database : Biomolecular interactions and cellular processes assembled into authoritative human signaling pathways
PRINTS Motif fingerprint database; a protein domain database
PROSITE; a protein domain and family database
PeroxiBase, a peroxidase database
Pfam protein domain database
PharmGKBhttp://www.pharmgkb.orgThe Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Base
PhosSite site database for Archaea and Bacteria
PhosphoSitehttp://www.phosphosite.orgPhosphorylation site database
PhylomeDB for complete collections of gene phylogenies
PomBase pombe database
PptaseDBhttp://www.phosphatase.biochem.vt.eduProkaryotic Protein Phosphatase Database
ProtClustDB Protein Clusters
ProteinModelPortal Model Portal of the PSI-Nature Structural Biology Knowledgebase
PseudoCAP genome database
PubMed literature from MEDLINE, lifescience journals and online books
REBASE enzymes and methylases database
RGD genome database
Reactome - a knowledgebase of biological pathways and processes
RefSeq Reference Sequences
SGD Genome Database
SMART Modular Architecture Research Tool; a protein domain database
SMR Repository - a database of annotated 3D protein structure models
SNPedia investigating human genetics
STRINGhttp://string-db.orgSTRING: functional protein association networks
SUPFAMhttp://supfam.orgSuperfamily database of structural and functional annotation
SWISS-2DPAGE polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis database from the Geneva University Hospital
SignalingGateway thousands of proteins information on over involved in cellular signaling
TAIR Arabidopsis Information Resource
TCDB Classification Database
TIGRFAMs; a protein family database
TubercuListhttp://tuberculist.epfl.chMycobacterium tuberculosis strain H37Rv genome database
UCSChttp://genome.ucsc.eduUCSC genome browser
UniGene gene-oriented nucleotide sequence clusters
UniParc archive of protein sequences
UniProtKB resourece for protein sequence and annotation data
UniProtKB-AC accession number
UniRef100 Reference Clusters database
UniRef50 Reference Clusters database
UniRef90 Reference Clusters database
VectorBase Vectors of Human Pathogens
World-2DPAGE World-2DPAGE database
WormBase bases on the genetics of C elegans and related nematodes
WormBase_PRO bases on the genetics of C elegans and related nematodes
WormBase_TRS bases on the genetics of C elegans and related nematodes
Xenbase laevis and tropicalis biology and genomics resource
ZFIN Information Network genome database
dbSNP of single nucleotide polymorphism
dictyBase discoideum online informatics resource
eggNOG genealogy of genes: Non-supervised Orthologous Groups
euHCVdb Hepatitis C Virus database
neXtProt; the human protein knowledge platform
antigenic antigenic sites in proteins
banana bending and curvature data for B-DNA
BLAST similar sequences in public repositories using BLAST
chaos a chaos game representation plot for a nucleotide sequence
charge a protein charge plot
dan nucleic acid melting temperature
density a nucleic acid density plot
einverted inverted repeats in nucleotide sequences
epestfind PEST motifs as potential proteolytic cleavage sites
equicktandem tandem repeats in nucleotide sequences
garnier protein secondary structure using GOR method
geecee fractional GC content of nucleic acid sequences
helixturnhelix nucleic acid-binding motifs in protein sequences
hmoment and plot hydrophobic moment for protein sequence(s)
iep the isoelectric point of proteins
inforesidue information on a given amino acid residue
isochore isochores in DNA sequences
octanol a White-Wimley protein hydropathy plot
palindrome inverted repeats in nucleotide sequence(s)
pepcoil coiled coil regions in protein sequences
pepdigest on protein proteolytic enzyme or reagent cleavage sites
pepinfo amino acid properties of a protein sequence in parallel
pepnet a helical net for a protein sequence
pepstats statistics of protein properties
pepwheel a helical wheel diagram for a protein sequence
pepwindow a hydropathy plot for a protein sequence
Phobius transmembrance topology and signal peptides using Phobius
prettyseq a nucleotide sequence and its translation to file
PSORT protein localization for PSORT
PSORT-B protein localization for PSORT B
PSORT2 protein localization for PSORT2
sigcleave on signal cleavage sites in a protein sequence
WoLFPSORT protein localization for WoLF PSORT